The most stable              putter shaft yet

The most stable putter shaft yet

20% more consistent than any other putter shaft.

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What sets us apart

Superior to steel

Made from 100% ultra high modulus carbon fibre, it’s stronger, lighter and more stable than steel.

More consistent

Proven to be 20% more consistent than any other putter shaft (backed by Quintic data).

Unrivalled stability

A smooth and stable feel so you have complete control over the putter head.

The Carbon Mac

A sleek design that's packed with performance, 20% more consistent and compatible with any putter head. Wrap your hands around the Carbon Mac shaft and feel the stability and smoothness in every stroke.

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Unbeatable performance

Tried, tested and approved by putting specialist Andy Gorman. Find out why it's his go-to putter shaft.


It feels good, looks good and performs extremely well. The Carbon Mac is such a big improvement in the way the putter performs, the consistency and the way it swings - nearly every club in my bag is carbon. Now trying different putters without the Carbon Mac feels futile.

Andy Gorman, Putting & Short Game Specialist


Why choose carbon over steel?

Carbon is stronger and lighter than steel, which makes it a more stable material that’s perfect for putting. We only use 100% ultra high modulus carbon fibre - the very best carbon available - which feels smoother and more controlled. You’re not weighed down by a heavy steel shaft that leads to clumsy shots.

Because of its stability, the Carbon Mac is 20% more consistent than any other putter shaft. And when compared against standard steel shafts, the Carbon Mac delivers the best level of flex, twist, strength and weight for more stability, control and consistency.

Why is the shaft so important?

Most golfers believe the shaft delivers the power behind the club, but it’s actually the stabiliser of the putter. There are 5 key characteristics of putting: the delivery of the club face, the path of the club, the speed, the loft and the rise angle.

Ultimately what determines those characteristics is the player’s ability to connect from the grip down to the club through the shaft - which then determines the consistency. Why put a cheap shaft on an expensive putter head when the shaft is responsible for so much of your putting? If you overlook the shaft, you limit your performance.

How does the Carbon Mac compare to other leading carbon brands?

Unlike other carbon shaft brands, we’re the only brand to use 100% ultra high modulus carbon fibre - the most superior carbon available and much stronger than high modulus. Because of the extra stability the ultra high modulus provides, the Carbon Mac is 20% more consistent than any other putter shaft.

Even shafts that are made of carbon are only 70% carbon and 30% steel - and it’s the steel at the end of the shaft that undermines the strength of the carbon because that’s where it flips, thus weakening its performance. See the stats behind our statements and how we compare to other leading brands.

Will it fit my putter head?

The Carbon Mac shaft is compatible with all putter heads thanks to our connectors. When ordering, we’ll ask you the make and model of your putter head so we know which connector to include in your order to ensure your putter head fits seamlessly to the shaft. We also provide custom fitting at an extra cost.