Golfer Profile - Haydn Stanistreet-Tyer

Golfer Profile - Haydn Stanistreet-Tyer

We wanted to shine the spotlight on a handful of professional golfers and discover the person behind the putter with our player profiles. As Carbon Mac shaft users, they gave us the inside scoop on their favourite equipment set up, how the Carbon Mac’s affected their game and much more.

From their greatest putts and pre-tournament rituals to tips on how they stay calm and focussed, here’s what the pros have to say. 

Name: Haydn Stanistreet-Tyer

Age: 27

Nationality: British

What made you get into golf?

My grandad always played growing up. Eventually both myself and my brother decided to take it up too.

What do you want to achieve in golf?

To become the best all round golfer I can possibly be.

What’s your favourite putter head?

Taylormade Spider X.

What is your current putter set up?

Taylormade Spider X head with a black CarbonMac shaft and a FlatCat Svelte grip.

What’s your dream golf destination?

Royal Melbourne GC

What is your warm up routine before a round?

30 minutes on the range followed by 10 minutes chipping and 20 minutes putting.

What’s a good way to stay calm and focused when shots aren’t going your way?

Something that has helped me is to try and laugh at the bad shots no matter how bad they are! Then to stay focused I'd have to say focus on your breathing, especially how smooth and slow you can make your exhale.

How has using the Carbon Mac affected your putting game?

The CarbonMac has helped with my speed control massively, it is so stable! So there is never any unsuspected jump off the club face and the roll is very consistent.

What was your greatest putt?

My most memorable putt is the day I made my first birdie. 5 feet never looked so far from the hole!

Any good luck charms or rituals when you’re playing in a tournament?

I always carry a tee my wife gave me in my golf bag, it comes with me everywhere.

How do you unwind after a round?

My favourite way to switch off after a round is by going to the gym and then watching either a movie or a TV series.

What are your hobbies other than golf?

My other hobbies are going to the gym, food and watching football matches.