Golfer Profile - Josh McMahon

Golfer Profile - Josh McMahon

We wanted to shine the spotlight on a handful of professional golfers and discover the person behind the putter with our player profiles. As Carbon Mac shaft users, they gave us the inside scoop on their favourite equipment set up, how the Carbon Mac’s affected their game and much more.

From their greatest putts and pre-tournament rituals to tips on how they stay calm and focussed, here’s what the pros have to say. 

Name: Josh McMahon

Age: 26

Nationality: English

What made you get into golf?

Originally my parents took me to the driving range and then got me into the junior section of the club I started at. I really enjoyed it and decided to choose golf over football around the age of 11/12. I improved quite quickly and decided that was what I wanted to do as a career.

What do you want to achieve in golf?

I want to become a PGA tour player.

What’s your favourite putter head?

Probably my current putter head - the Scotty Cameron T5W.

What is your current putter set up?

My current putter set up is the Scotty Cameron T5W with the Carbon Mac shaft in. It’s 33 inches, 3 degrees and 1 degree flat. I also use the super stroke pistol GT 1.0 grip.

What’s your dream golf destination?

Augusta National.

What is your warm up routine before a round?

15 mins of stretching. Then arrive at the course 1 hour before tee time. I start with 20 mins of putting to get the feel of the greens. Then I do 10 mins of chipping and bunker play, followed by 20 mins on the range going through the bag. I finish with 5 mins on the putting green before heading to the tee to start my round.

What’s a good way to stay calm and focused when shots aren’t going your way?

I try to split the round up into 18 individual games, so if one hole doesn’t go well, I try to start fresh and do well on the next hole.

How has using the Carbon Mac affected your putting game?

I feel like using Carbon Mac has really made a difference to me, especially in the long putting. My lag putting has become much better and reduced the amount of times that I 3 putt. It also feels very solid on the short putts which only gives you more confidence. 

What was your greatest putt?

My greatest putt has to be the final hole of the 2019 Lytham Trophy where I holed a 40ft putt to win the tournament.

Any good luck charms or rituals when you’re playing in a tournament?

No good luck charms really, but I do always have no more than 3 tees in my pocket and I always use the same pitch fork and ball marker every round.

How do you unwind after a round?

Normally I try to do something that is non-golf related like going out for some food, watching the football or playing on the PlayStation.

What are your hobbies other than golf?

I like to go to the gym, I also like to listen to podcasts.