About us

Most golfers overlook the shaft. We don’t. Because the shaft isn’t the driving force behind the club, it’s the stabiliser. And that’s the key to consistency.

The Carbon Mac is the most stable putter shaft yet, made from 100% ultra high modulus carbon fibre to create a shaft that’s lighter and stronger than steel, as well as 20% more consistent than any other putter shaft.

Designed for any golfer who wants to improve and invest in their game - whatever their level - the Carbon Mac shaft is a cut above the rest.

By using the highest quality carbon, we’ve created a putter shaft that’s sleek-looking, smooth-swinging and easy-fitting. Something that has all the control, stability and consistency a putter shaft should have. Something that’s superior to the rest.

The story

Born out of a desire to help improve all golfers, we set out to create a shaft that excelled in every area. A shaft that looks as good as it performs. Fits any putter head. And provides an unbeatable level of consistency.

The Carbon Mac.

Knowing the quality of the current shafts on the market weren’t as good as they could be, we experimented with over 40 mandrels until we found the perfect combination.

And when it came to choosing the material, we wanted nothing but the best: ultra high modulus carbon fibre. The strongest, most superior carbon available.

After Quintic testing it against the biggest leading brands on the market - the Carbon Mac came out on top in the data every time.

Still early in its journey, the Carbon Mac has already broken new ground in putting and continues to push the boundaries in golf technology. Made by golfers for golfers, the Carbon Mac is the best investment in your game you can make.

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