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  • Designed for golfers who want to improve their game, the Carbon Mac Putter Shaft is an investment worth making. Made from 100% ultra high modulus carbon fibre - the strongest carbon available - it’s lighter and more stable than standard steel and other carbon shafts, giving you more control and 20% more consistency than any other putter shaft.

    Sleek in design, it's packed with performance. Wrap your hands around the Carbon Mac and you’ll feel the stability and smoothness in every stroke. 

    Compatible with any putter, you can easily attach the Carbon Mac to your favourite head using one of our connectors. Simply tell us what model your putter head is when ordering and we’ll include the right connector for it. Tested against the best brands on the market, the Carbon Mac comes out on top every time. And we’ve got the data to prove it.

  • 100% ultra high modulus carbon fibre

    We use the strongest carbon available. Not just high modulus carbon, ultra high. This carbon is stronger and lighter than steel and other carbon, ensuring you’re equipped with the most stable and consistent putting shaft out there.

    Unlike other carbon shafts that are only 70% carbon and 30% steel, we use 100% carbon. The steel at the end of other shafts undercuts the strength of the carbon and lowers performance because that’s where it flips. But with the Carbon Mac, you’ve got a rigid shaft that feels smooth and stable from head to toe.

  • If you'd like custom fitting, you first need to place your order through our website by selecting the custom fitting option. Once we've received your order, we'll send you the address you need to send your putter to for the custom fitting (you will need to pay for postage). We'll then carry out the fitting and send the upgraded putter back to you. Simple!

  • For professional orders please get in touch via out contact page.

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